Stucco Removal, Popcorn Ceiling Removal & Drywall Sanding

Nobody likes living through dusty renovations and that's why
Sandman Painting & Problem-Solving offers affordable, dustless popcorn ceiling removal and dustless drywall sanding. Sandman uses HEPA Certified state of the art equipment that is world class leading technology in dust extraction equipment to remove your popcorn ceilings. Even though the process is dustless, roles of plastic and canvass tarps are used to cover walls, fixtures, furniture and floors . Once the textured ceiling has been removed or smoothed, uneven seams, nail pops, low spots, scratches and exposed drywall joint tape will all be properly repaired, Then the ceiling is skim coated, sanded and primed before two finish coats of flat ceiling white or the colour of your choice are applied. Dust, allergens, cob webs and even odors love textured ceilings and cling to them making it very difficult to clean them in any way. Removing textured ceilings from your home will help you to breathe easier, the flat ceilings are easier to clean, the space will look bigger, feel bigger and most importantly, having perfectly flat and smooth ceilings increases the value of your home. Don't Let Home Projects Keep You Awake At Night, Call Sandman And Get A Good Night's Sleep.

Dustless Popcorn Ceiling Removal Pricing Guideline:
Starting At $3.50 Per Square Foot, Based On An Unpainted Ceiling.