Sandman Painting & Problem-Solving caters to all of your interior and exterior painting needs. With thousands of colours to choose from, Sandman offers a free colour consultation and your chosen colours are documented on your free estimate, for future reference. The quality of products used are based on customer needs and contractor recommendations taking into account life expectancy, compatibility with existing coatings and desired outcome.

  • Interior & Exterior House Painting  
  • Surface Preparation & Finishes Using:
    • Latex, Oil & Alcohol Product Applications Including
    • One & Two Part Paint
    • Mono-Urethanes
    • Two Part Polyurethanes
    • Varnish, Shellac, Resins
    • Paint & Primer
    • Stains (ex. Solid, Semi-Transparent, Transparent)
    • Clear Coatings
    • Block Sealers
    • Concrete Sealers
    • Asphalt Sealers
    • Smoke / Tannin / Water Stain Blockers & Sealers
    • Epoxy Coatings (ex. Concrete Floors), Drywall Compound
    • Plaster Of Paris
    • Caulking, Silicone Sealants
    • Specialty Water Proofing Liquids & Solids Including Natural-Petroleum & Synthetic Waxes
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal or Installation
  • Water / Smoke Damaged Surface Repairs & Coverage

Sandman Can Match Any Colour You Choose

Sandman is a perfectionist and is known for his precision, attention to detail, ability to deliver perfect paint lines and long-lasting finishes. With 34 years of professional experience, having complete knowledge of how interior and exterior painting materials last and perform under all conditions, this is just a small part of the many reasons why Sandman is in-tune with current trends that will enhance your home and make all your painting projects go smoothly.



Don’t Let Home Projects Keep You Awake. Call Sandman And Get A Good Night’s Sleep.