Sandman Painting & Problem-Solving offers drywall installation, plastering, taping and repairs to small and medium sized drywall installation projects (ex. rooms, basements, ceilings). Sandman has many different solutions to a wide range of drywall finishing deficiencies that can occur both immediately and in time after the drywall finishing process. Drywall contractors are sometimes very fast when they hang your drywall and the plastering process is also a job that requires speed. During the drywall hanging and drywall tape or mudding process, there are sometimes places where the drywall tape lifts or bubbles. Cracks in the ceiling or in the corners can occur and often small bumps and screw heads pop through the plaster leaving a noticeable ugly spot on what should be a smooth surface. Raised seams a little higher than others and wavy drywall will take more effort than just sanding drywall to repair.

Drywall Services

  • Drywall Installation and Repairs To Damaged Drywall (Holes, Cracks, Water Damage)
  • Dustless Popcorn / Stucco Ceiling Removal & Repair
  • Drywall Repairs Including Drywall Replacement, Taping, Mudding, Plastering
  • Dustless Drywall Sanding, Priming, Painting

    Drywall Finishing Levels

    To get the desired professionally finished walls and ceiling, Sandman brings a great deal of craftmanship, experience and the correct, quality tools to perfect your job. Not all contractors have the tools or skills to complete levels 5 finishes.

    Finishing Level



    No finishing has been done, drywall is attached to the walls or ceiling.


    Drywall tape is embedded in joint compound, nothing else beyond that


    Skim thin coat of compound over tape and cover screw holes


    Apply a coat of joint compound to the tape and screws, knockdown/heavytexture, can end at this level


    Apply another coat of compound to the tape and screws and then sand and then the paint or wallpaper can be applied


    Highest level of compound finishing, applying a skim coat covering the entire surface, wall or ceiling

Drywall Lift – A Drywall Contractor’s Best Friend 



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